About Us


Sethi Brothers Limited was established in 1976 by Charles and Paul with an initial capital investment of US$10,000. From a humble beginning in Monrovia, Liberia, the company has grown from a general merchandise store dealing in building materials to a leading manufacturer of steel products in West Africa. Indeed, the steep rise of Sethi Brothers is attributed to the vision and foresight of the two brothers who saw the need to acquire Wazni Trading’s Retail Business and Mezbau Incorporated(A Belgium Trading Co.) of Liberia along with its large premises and product lines such as aluminum doors, windows and roofing materials. At that time, the company employed a total staff of 10 expatriates with 200 local employees and generated approximately US$10 Million annually. However, the Liberian civil war in 1989 forced the company to relocate its headquarters temporary in Lome, Togo and subsequently to its present head office in Tema, Ghana in 1994 under the trading name Sethi Brothers (Ghana) Limited. In addition to Sethi Brothers Togo and Liberia(However, Sethi Liberia is no longer a part of the Sethi Group), new branches have been opened in major Ghanaian cities and towns like Tema, Takoradi, Kumasi and Accra giving the company an International outlook.

Companies associated with Sethi Brothers Ghana Limited

  • Sethi Brothers Togo SARL – Leading  Steel Merchant in Togo SARL
  • Sethi Brothers Kumasi – Steel Trading Co.
  • Steel Force Kumasi – Steel Trading Co.
  • Sethi Manufacturing Company Kumasi – Manufacturing Unit
  • Sethi Steel Takoradi – Steel Trading Co.
  • Sethi Realty-Real Estate Division of Sethi Brothers
  • Premier Steel Ghana-Construction chemicals, PMC, Flooring and Paints.
  • Steelco Ghana-Roofing & Mild Steel Division Ghana – Manufacturing of Roofing Sheets.

Great Products Excellent Service

Sethi Brothers Ghana Limited range of products includes; re-inforced bars, profiles, roofing system and architectural paints. Our manufacturing base produces reliable high performance steel grades. We provide our steel in lengths and widths that are specific to each process. We have the flexibility and expertise to tailor products to meet specific end-application requirements. We have dedicated approachable teams to support our customers. Working together we can make gains by reducing tool wear to improve line speeds. Other suggestions may include using more homogeneous steel grades, supplying the best steels to suit your process and rationalising order books for efficiency.

Your Partner in Steel Products

Procurement of steel calls for a lot of precision towards correct dimensions; quality, quantity and correct prices. It is therefore important for customers to be very careful in selecting the source of their supply. At Sethi, our contract with customers is to provide steel products in correct sizes, correct quantities, supported by correct prices for every product purchased.

Our Promise

We share our history with a company founded on the principle that its activities should always benefit society. Today we are guided by the same long-term vision that drives us to continuously improve. Sethi Brothers (Ghana) Limited aims to offer a sustainable and high performance steel product range supported by unrivalled customer service. We are recognised for our supply chain solutions. Our infrastructure can support shorter lead times, creating flexibility and reliability, delivered through our fleet of transport network.

Contact Details

Sethi Brothers Ghana Limited, Heavy Industrial Area-Tema, Ghana P.O. Box CT.322, Cantonments Accra. Tel: +233-303-306751, Tema: 0243600163, Kumasi: 0244331675 Takoradi: 0244403441 E-mail: info@sethisteel.net Website: WWW.SETHISTEEL.NET