Correct Sizes, Correct Quantities, Correct Prices

Sethi Brothers are pioneers in the steel trade and manufacture industry in Ghana, and since the establishment of our company in 1993, we have persistently expanded our market share through the sales of quality steel products and outstanding services.  Sethi Brothers has four decades of trading experience in the steel trade industry. We have operations in Togo and Ghana, the head office being situated in Tema. Today Sethi Brothers is known for their quality products and exceptional customer service. Sethi Group started with, trading in building materials from start to finish be it, Steel, construction chemical (concrete ad-mixtures) and Architectural paint.

Years of dedicated service in our field of industry have seen our success as we have expanded from retail and wholesale into Manufacturing (Steelco and Sethi Manufacturing) and Real estate development (Sethi Realty) with branches through our countries of existence.

Procurement of steel today calls for a lot of precision towards correct dimensions, quality and quantity. All the said virtues must come at the correct price. Hence customers have to be extra careful in selecting the source of supply.

Today Sethi is known for their quality products and exceptional customer service.

We at Sethi Brothers are dedicated in taking that extra care in sourcing all our materials which ensure us in providing our customers the correct size, correct quantities and all this we ensure to provide at the correct price. Our dedication and focus allows our customers to be assured that they get what they need and are paying for.

With the advancing world of construction Sethi Group is ready to go the extra mile whatever your needs are.

We are the leading suppliers of Steel products (re inforced bars, profiles, roofing system, and Architectural paints.